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Career Engine, founded by renowned educator Yasmin Sarwar, is an innovative programme that has revolutionised the pathway to securing admissions into prestigious universities and setting students on the path to successful careers. Much like the Lucy Cavendish College Summer Preparation Programme, Career Engine aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for educational advancement and eventual career success.

Both programmes share a strong focus on personal academic growth, the development of super curricular interests and preparedness for university application. The Lucy Cavendish Programme prepares students for competitive university applications, and Career Engine also specifically targets admissions to high ranking universities. Both stress the importance of being well-read and the demonstration of deep interest in chosen subjects.

While both programmes share many similarities, they also have their unique distinctions, particularly in terms of delivery method and mentorship. Lucy Cavendish Programme follows a more conventional approach, emphasising academic enrichment, whereas the Career Engine utilises a personalised mentorship model to help students evidence their passions and interests. Through the Career Engine programme, students are paired with expert mentors who closely monitor their reading habits, guide their super-curricular journey, and help to align their evolving interests with their career aspirations.

A key distinction lies in the eligibility requirements for the Lucy Cavendish College Summer Preparation Programme. Although it shares Career Engine's focus on high-achieving students, it specifically caters to those attending non-fee-paying schools in the United Kingdom who are forecasted to achieve at least five grades between 8-9 in their GCSEs. In contrast, the Career Engine welcomes all students aged 11 to 18 with a passion for pursuing careers in highly competitive fields.

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Programme similarities and difference:

Description Career Engine University of Cambridge Lucy Cavendish Summer Preparation Program
Available for international students Yes No
Available for independent school students Yes No
Fixed duration 24th of July to 18th of August No Yes
Variable duration depending on the individual students needs and requirements Yes Yes
Assessment of the student's interests and career goals to set the foundation for the Discover phase. Yes Yes
Introduction to intriguing content related to broad career paths, covering 98% of university degrees to help students understand potential career avenues and discover their passions. Yes Yes
A tailored wider reading programme based on the student's interests and career goals to maintain enthusiasm through the Discover and Explore phases. Yes Yes
Regular meetings with an assigned expert mentor to review reading progress, undertake initial career mapping in the Discover phase, and develop critical thinking skills. Yes No
Weekly sessions tailored to students' subject/ career choices, aiming to develop key subject-specific knowledge to supplement students' foundational academic knowledge. Yes Yes
Regular written tasks and feedback to foster critical thinking. Yes Yes
Career Mapping/ University Readiness Sessions: In the Explore phase, students learn how their reading, practical activities, and interests can translate into specific career opportunities within their chosen path. Yes Yes
Continuous feedback and support throughout the programme to guide the student in their journey from broad discovery to focused exploration. Yes Yes
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