Are you an ambitious student studying the British curriculum inside or outside of the UK?

Our service is designed for students anywhere in the world studying for pre-IGCSE, IGCSE or A-level qualifications, with ambitions to progress to top universities domestically or abroad.

How It Works is a supplementary service that works alongside your traditional education outside of normal school hours.


In essence, we combine one-to-one tutoring and strategic university admissions counselling into a single highly tailored service.


Our Academic Councillors begin your journey by developing an understanding of your interests, strengths and areas that require development to
create a tailored personal plan to enhance the competitiveness of your university application.


Over the past decade, we have found the key to academic success is the right support at the appropriate time. To enable this, our technology helps our tutors identify when and why additional support is required. Our weekly one-to-one tutorial sessions will help you demonstrate subject mastery along with the upwards trajectory that university admissions officers are looking for in an applicant.


All tutorial sessions are recorded, but it doesn’t end there. Our technology highlights the most important sections specific to your needs and timestamps them into the recording, making it easy for you to refer back to them at any time. You can also add your own revision notes to the sessions in real time, to return to when revising.


In partnership with your tutors, our career counsellors work with you to develop a ‘Super-curricular’ plan, designed to showcase your intellectual curiosity while highlighting your interests beyond the classroom. In doing so, we align your strengths with the ethos that your target universities are looking for in an applicant.

Service Levels & Fees

exam boost (Workshop)

This service is designed for exceptional students that may already have a tutor but wish to finetune their exam technique with our academic mentors. Each month our mentors will set you 2 personalised exam board specific papers. Once per month they will provide a 60-minute intensive one-to-one workshop focused on your responses, and a 30-minute one-to-one Q&A session. During your sessions the mentor will challenge and critique your assumptions, providing an environment for healthy academic discourse, helping you to level up your exam results.

£1,550 (Each month: 1 60-minute 1-2-1 workshop, 1 30-minute 1-2-1 Q&A & 2 set assessments). Billed per subject, biannual.

uni-prep Boost (Reading club)

In partnership with your tutors, we work with you to develop your genuine interest, knowledge, and passions through our one-to-one reading club. The programme focuses on required reading and related exercise that provide the foundation you need to build your super-curricular interests and ultimately your personal statement. An additional benefit is that the exercises are designed to help you improve both your vocabulary and essay writing abilities.

We advise selecting on of our BOOST services alongside Reading Club, as it is key that we support you with your key subject.
£2,950 (biannual)

Academic HEADSTART (tracking and monitoring performance)

This service is designed for students that wish to finetune their exam technique with their existing tutor. Each week, our examiners will set you 1 personalised paper based on the topics that you are currently covering in school. You are expected to complete one paper per week and return to our examiners for feedback. Upon the feedback/ guidance being provided by our examiners, you are encouraged to work through the paper and feedback with your existing tutor.

£1,550 (Each month: 4 set assessments with written or audio message feedback on each assessment). Billed per subject, biannual.

What’s Included

EXAM BOOST - IGCSE & A-level (HeadStart for pre-IGCSE)

1 60-minute and 1 30-minute live online one-to-one online seminar per month.

2 papers set per month

UNI-PREP BOOST (Ages 12-17)

1 one-to-one hour long sessions with our expert mentors each month to help you deepen your interest and knowledge of your chosen career pathway through reading and related activities. You will also have access to our online facilitated reading clubs twice per week (8x per month).

Personal reading plan (a book per month) based on your capability, passions, interests and university ambitions, guided by your Career Counsellor.

Programme of reading related exercises, competitions, tasks and challenges set by your Career Counsellor to develop your x-factor!

You will be expected to complete your reading assignments on your own outside of your one-to-one tutorials. However, if you are unable to do so, you will be invited to participate in our online facilitated Reading Club sessions mentioned above.

Receive written/audio feedback at the end of each task set by your Counsellor during the programme.