Linux Fundamentals
Training Materials for License

Instructor-led training (3 days)

Intended Audience
• Users of Linux systems
• Those requiring occasional access to a Linux environment

Course Scope:
• The course provides the necessary training and preparation required to successfully make use of Linux

Why is this course unusual?
• Highly Interactive
• Labs make up more than 50% of the entire class

Students use programs such as :
• ksh
• ls
• ps
• vim
and provide a live application to show what happens when :
• You use login to various shells
• Communicate with other users
• Process text files
• and much more

• Concepts are reinforced with tests
• Studies have shown that retention rates from courses including hands-on activities, AND those including tests, are
far higher than for passive training.
• This course provides both of these features to offer the highest quality Linux training available today.

Prerequisites :
• No prior knowledge is required

Course Objectives:
• A thorough grounding in the Linux operating system

• Participants will learn:
The history of the UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
Operating System Concepts
Vim text editor
Logging In, and authentication in general
Working with Directories
Working with Files
Piping one command into another
Processes (the ps command)
Shells - Ksh, Bsh ...
Shell Scripts & Shell Programming

Audio-visual & instructional requirements for on-site classes:
• Overhead projector
• Flip chart or marker board desirable
• Linux Software
• A laptop or PC for each student
• Networked environment

You may download the datasheet for this class as PDF