Using DCE

Computer-based training (4 hours)

Intended Audience
• Users of DCE applications
• Those requiring occasional access to a DCE environment

Course Scope:
• The course provides the necessary training and preparation required before a user is faced with his or her first DCE

Why is this course unusual?
• Highly Interactive
• Simulation of DCE programs allows the student to experience, hands-on, what a real DCE environment is like.
• We simulate DCE programs such as :
• dce_login
• klist
• kinit
and provide a simulated DCE application to show what happens when :
• You use an application unauthenticated
• The server you are accessing fails
• Your credentials expire
• You request service from a server in another cell
• You access the distributed filesystem from different client types

• Concepts are reinforced with tests
• Studies have shown that retention rates from courses including hands-on activities, AND those including tests, are
far higher than for passive training.
• This course provides both of these features to offer the highest quality DCE training available today.

Prerequisites :

• No prior DCE knowledge is required

Course Objectives:

• Simulation of a DCE environment to provide the equivalent of hands-on exposure to DCE and a DCE application
• A simple introduction to the components of OSF DCE that are relevant to users of DCE applications

On completing the class, participants will be able to :
• Log in to DCE
• List their DCE credentials
• Check the expiration time of their credentials
• Refresh DCE credentials
• Explain the issues involved in using DCE applications
• Understand the issues relating to cross-cell transactions
• Log in to a remote cell from their local desktop
• Explain some of the advantages of DCE applications
• Explain how to access the Distributed Filesystem

System Requirements:

• Microsoft Windows XP or later
• 80 MB of free hard disk space
• 1 GB of RAM
• SVGA (or higher) resolution graphics
• DVD/CDROM drive
• Sound capability

You may download the datasheet for this class as PDF